My Top 12 Television Musical Episodes

As I was starting to write an article titled “Musical-ed out: Ranking all the television musicals I’ve ever seen”and being surprised by 2017’s delivery of three musicals from Teachers, The Flash and last my favorite of the year Once Upon a Time.  I decided to take all my courage and make a video, picking my top 12 musicals I have ever seen.

As a constant Youtube viewer you begin to realize not all these top list on youtube might not include one of your favorites or even know about them. Like for example I doubt some people who vote on Mojo or write articles will include One Life to Live’s musical episodes. There’s always that one show one might not of watched or just plain forgot.

As an avid TV watcher I feel like it’s good to spread our favorites, like for example if it weren’t for people talking about Game of Thrones when it was in it’s third season I would of never have found out about and experience all the seasons live after it.

Plus as years go on and TV progresses, list change and whatever list you might think of gets updated. Like if you asked me 4 years ago what were my favorite shows were at the time they would be completely different now, cause shows end,change for the good or bad or you find something new.

So I decided to a rise to my new channel Fandemic TV where I plan to talk about my own favorites and favs, although “My Top 12 Television Musical Episodes” might be a little cliche.

I say why the heck not… and the internet is filled with cliches.

So anyways check out and if you want subscribe to my new channel.

As a sneak preview I decided to include these television musical episodes:

Teachers, The Flash, Once Upon a Time,Buffy:The Vampire Slayer, That’s So Raven,Even Stevens, One Life to Live’s: Starr X’D Lovers, One Life to Live’s: Prom Night! The Musical, Scrubs, That 70’s Show, The Fosters and Grey’s Anatomy.


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