#MovieReview: #WonderWoman is the DCEU Movie We’ve All Been Waiting for.


Wonder Woman is the DCEU Movie We’ve All Been Waiting for you or maybe the Superhero movie we’ve all been waiting for”

RATING: 10/10

STARS: 5/5

Ever since they announced they would be introducing Wonder Woman to the DCEU franchise fans have been excited since day one, when Warner Brothers announced they would be releasing a standalone film….fans and viewers went crazy.

As the film would be one of the biggest films that would star one of the most iconic female Superhero’s in the DC Universe and let’s face it one of the most iconic characters in comic book history.

But let’s skip all the details and let’s go straight to the movie as a fan of the character from the comics, the animated DC shows from Justice League, Justice League Unlimited to Young Justice and the DC Animated Films. I couldn’t be even more excited to sit front row and experience a movie and character that Gal Gadot stole ever since we saw her in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While I won’t give any spoilers or any details about Wonder Woman, even though I would typically be skeptic by saying things from ‘You’ll love this one scene’ followed by where in the movie it takes place.

In the case of Wonder Woman, it was the whole movie from the new amazing DC Logo to the ending credits. The movie directed by the amazing Patty Jenkins is a WIN for the DCEU franchise, while there are people out there who haven’t been a fan of the DCEU films Wonder Woman proves that it’s not the case. With promos on tv saying when Metropolis needs saving they have Superman and when Gotham needs saving they call Batman.

But in the case of Diana Prince who’s tagline when the world needs saving you call Wonder Woman, with the movie finally out it’s not hard to say when the DCEU needed saving Wonder Woman is that movie.

I say this with a metaphoric lasso of truth around me, that Wonder Woman is the movie that will be THE DCEU movie. From the direction, cast, storyline, visual effects, soundtrack and cinematography that movie was amazing and deserves every praise it gets.

Gal Gadot was really one of the shining stars of Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice and she brings the goddess magic she brought in the BVS to Wonder Woman, from the action scenes to emotional scenes Gal Gadot was meant for the iconic role of Diana Prince.

While I can’t get into details about the other characters without giving spoilers, Chris Pine was the perfect choice for Steve Trevor as his performance was perfect (and this is coming from a person who would always fan cast him as Hal Jordan). Sorry Captain Kirk you were meant to be the amazing Steve Trevor.

What really sells you about Wonder Woman is that aside being in it’s own category of it’s own for being just more than a superhero movie or DC movie, the movie really reminds you why you love DC characters.

DC Animated movies/shows have always been great at capturing the world of DC Comics and Wonder Woman DOES just that. It reminds why you fell in love with DC Characters and the stories in the first place, it brings you back and remind you that not all superhero movies have to be dark and twisty and serious.

While superhero movies are meant to be action packed with a compelling story, Wonder Woman reminds you that stories of superhero’s are about hope and looking at the sky that there was Hero out there protecting the world. When you were younger watching the DC Animated shows or reading the comics or movies, it took you to a universe where  hope was possible. It told you stories of different heroes and even anti-heroes that fought against obstacles and villains to save the world and universe.

Wonder Woman does just that, while some say that’s what MOS and BVS did the same thing. Wonder Woman truly captures you and puts you in that DC Universe that you love and fell in love with.

If you have Superhero fatigue or DC fatigue Wonder Woman cures you of that as the movie stands on it’s own for being the movie of the year and a category of it’s own.

And with that, I advise EVERYONE to go see Wonder Woman and the movie is a definition for everything you’ve been waiting for in a Wonder Woman movie and lives up to everything.

The Movie gets 5 STARS and a 10/10 in my book, maybe even higher.


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