#MovieReview: I got dragged to the Anime Film #YourName that didn’t have Pokemon and LOVED IT.


“I got dragged to an Anime Film that didn’t have Pokemon in the title and LOVED IT. A Movie Review on the anime film Your Name limited time release in the US “

RATING: 8/10

STARS: 4/5

Walking into an anime film for the first time that didn’t consist of characters yelling out ‘I choose you’ or little adorable creatures saying their own name I didn’t know what I was even for. Also adding to the fact that I was walking into a film where I had to read subtitles, something I didn’t mind doing but was still out of my comfort zone.

Today I ended up watching a beautiful story in the form of the anime film Your Name, that not only had me feeling so many emotions from sadness to happiness that would probably break my emoji keyboard on my phone. But a movie that introduced me to a new kind of film genre, that I never knew I needed. While it’s no secret anyone at any age can enjoy a Disney animated film that will most likely live on till every animated film is adapted into a live-action (Insert my excitement for Mulan and at some point Lion King/The Little Mermaid and whatever Disney decides to do) the anime film Your Name had a beautiful story that had me crying and clapping at my seat.

While I won’t give any spoilers to the film and how the writing attacked the story as the movie progresses, the film that was already a success in Japan was worth every second and ‘who are you’.

The story about a boy and girl switching bodies, a plot anyone movie goer or tv watcher is familiar the movie Your Name takes the cliche Freaky Friday theme and evolves it intoa  beautiful story as the movie unfolds. The anime film takes everything you knew about body switching storylines and kicks it to a whole new level.

The film not only has a beautiful story about a boy and girl switching places, it’s a beautiful story captured through visually stunning direction and cinematography done by Makoto Shinkai that will leave you breathless with an amazing soundtrack.

While I still have yet to see the English dub version of the film and see how it’s adapted, the original film version of the film that came across from Japan was worth every second.

When you see the film or finally get a chance too, you will realize the million reasons why it was a hit in Japan and Funimation decided to bring it to the the US for audiences to see, and why it deserves it’s critical acclaim.


Your Name (English Sub-Titled) Trailer

Your Name (English Dubbed) Trailer


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