#SeriesFinale’s: Ranking all The CW series finale’s.(From Best to Worst)

With The Vampire Diaries series finale just literally just around the corner (2 days to be exact) and tons of articles focusing on the top moments and top episodes of the show it’s only safe to make an article about the network that developed the series.

The CW has produced and also inherited some shows back when it was two separate networks The WB and UPN, by this time The CW has already aired a number of series finales. And while the clock ticks to the moments we say goodbye to Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Katherine (again?) and etc.

It’s safe to wonder where The Vampire Diaries will rank in series finale’s The CW has aired.

So here we go:

(Sidenote: If i’ve missed one it’s either because I haven’t watched it, I considered it still a WB/UPN product or the series was just cancelled with no resolution or ending to count as a series finale.)



6. Smallville “Finale Part 1 and 2” (The WB 2001-2006, CW 2006-2011)

Smallville’s series finale till this day continues to be one of the best series finale’s The CW has aired, while the show was inherited from The WB it was nice for The CW to give the show that aired for 10 seasons a two-hour finale to tie up loose ends and develop a series finale to remember. (I wonder if they’ll ever do this again, because you would of thought The Vampire Diaries would of got one) Smallville’s series finale was packed with action from  Clark finally learning to fly, angst of the Clark and Lois’s wedding and Oliver fighting the darkness within, returning guest characters from Martha, Jimmy, Lex and Jonathan. The show was able to wrap up all loose ends and also show us a glimpse of the future and where/who will the characters become. Plus the last scene with Lois and Clark preparing for the wedding and Clark running up to the rooftop to become superman to John William’s Superman theme was iconic.


5. One Tree Hill “One Tree Hill” (The WB 2003-2006, CW 2006-2012)

The One Tree Hill series finale had a lot of heart and although 2 characters (Lucas/Peyton) from the show’s beginning were missing from the finale, the show still developed a series finale that was able to give fans a proper goodbye to all it’s characters and the show itself. One of the most well-written scenes is when each of the original main characters from Brooke, Nathan and Haley were able to reflect who they were 9 years ago to whom they become by the series finale, by having flashbacks on who they were at the start of the show. The One Tree Hill series finale, was well done because it didn’t mess with what the season was about, the storyline focused on the characters so fans were able to say a true goodbye to the series and it’s characters. The final shot of Jamie Scott coming onto the Raven basketball court to his family and friends, was a a beautiful shot and goodbye. Within the flash forward we were able to see how each character succeed in life and got their own happy ending and family. Also, props to show for bringing in Gavin DeGraw to sing the iconic theme song, back when theme songs were a thing.


4. Hart of Dixie “Bluebell” (2011-2015)

Hart of Dixie’s series finale delivered a series finale that was able to give each character the ending and endgame they deserved, the series finale was able to highlight how each character has grown and how each relationship/friendship changed for the better. While I won’t spoil everything seeing Wade/Zoe happy was everything, seeing how Lemon/Zoe’s friendship progressed to the series finale with Lemon asking Zoe becoming a bridesmaid and Zoe finally becoming a partner for the practice. The Hart of Dixie finale served the right amount of series finale ingredients so that watching 4 seasons of Hart of Dixie was worth it.


3. 90210 “We All Fall Down” (2008-2013)

The 90210 series finale was pretty decent in my eyes, while i’ve only watched it twice, first being when it aired and second when I semi-binged the show so understood everything I missed between season 2 and 5. Regardless, the show still delivered a decent series finale, each character got their own happy ending and you were left feeling that these characters were going to be alright.


2. Life Unexpected “Affair Remembered” (2010-2011)

While I’m not sure if Life Unexpected counts, the finale for season 2 was well done as the writers and producers were at least given a signal that the show wasn’t going to get picked up for a third season. While the series finale of Life Unexpected had a lot going on from the drama from Lux dating a teacher, Cate and Ryan’s drama and Baze finding out his father had an affair with his ex, the last 15 minutes of the series finale felt like a good send off as we were flashfoward to Lux giving a speech at her graduation and everyone ending up with someone. And although, the biggest question would be how everyone got to this point, seeing Lux happy with the family she always wanted and calling Baze and Cate mom and dad made the show’s series finale a good one.

New York, I Love You XOXO

1. Gossip Girl “New York, I Love You, XOXO” (2007-2012)

There’s a lot to say about Gossip Girl’s series finale, it was just a mess. While Chuck and Blair finally tied the knot the show’s final season felt like a blender of storyline’s and till this day some people can’t figure out from re-watching the show how Dan was Gossip Girl all along. While all the character’s ended up in happy places, from I guess a point of view the series finale just felt rushed. But i’ll give the series finale of Gossip Girl two things the final shot of a new lonely boy walking past mirrors of the original characters was well done and finally bringing in Kristen Bell on-screen.

Not Ranked: Nikita, Beauty and the Beast, The Carrie Diaries

Black Holed (Aka Never Got a series finale): The Secret Circle, The Tomorrow People, Hellcats, Containment, Emily Owns M.D.,Star-Crossed, The Messengers etc.

So what do you guys think? How would you rank all the CW shows from best to worst? And where do you think TVD will rank and other shows on the network? Only time will tell? Unless your The Vampire Diaries which ends in 2 MORE DAYS.


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