#SeriesFinales Chronicles 01: “Did she get off the the plane

“Did she get off the plane?”



SCALE: 1-10

RANK: 10

“I’ll be there for you” is one of the most recognizable opening theme’s that everyone knows and will always remember, because whatever time you actually tune into your TV, you’re bound to find a FRIENDS re-run episode. The Friends series finale will be one of the most memorable and best finale’s in television history, because at some point you might wish that all your shows ended with the amount of closure and goodbye the Friends finale did.

While I won’t write a full recap of the series finale of the show, it’s safe to assume that in most people’s opinion, it was truly one of the best series finale’s that one can easily pick out their favorite moments that made them laugh or cry.





With the Friends series finale you felt the ache of the show ending for and knowing at the end of the last episode of the show were never going to see these characters ever again. The Friends finale delivered the right amount of emotional impact to conclude all 10 season’s of the show’s run on the network. Going into the series finale of the show knowing you were never going to see a new episode of all six friends start to hit you, there was never going to be a new Thanksgiving episode or have a new friend quote to keep in your mind

 and knowing you were never going to see new episodes or these characters again. The FRIENDS finale delivered the right amount of emotional impact as the storylines and writing and scenes hit you right in you “I’ll be there for you” heart, because seeing all 6 friends walk out their former home hit you right in the gut, because it was your final goodbye to all these characters.


The storyline and final formula for the FRIENDS finale was one of a kind and true to the story, from Rachel getting off the plane to Monica/Chandler getting one more child than they asked for and to saving the baby chicks from the beloved foosball table. The Friends finale still was a true episode of the series and didn’t feel like anything else with the addition of it being the final episode. But one of the purest Friends moment in writing for the series finale is not about if she got off the plane or not, it’s the final moment of the series where all 6 six friends say goodbye to their former home. The series finale was full of tears and laughs and that’s what gives it a 10 in the finale formula you’re able to see all six friends and say goodbye with a good amount of closure. From the lines to the writing the series finale of Friends had a storyline and writing that not only had the proper finale formula, but a true formula that stayed true to the series that makes why the series was called Friends.

CLOSURE: 10/10

With the closure factor, we only hope that our current and future shows will have the same amount of closure the FRIENDS finale gave us, while it might be a long shot for some shows one can only hope or at least come close. In regards to how the final season went and how you might feel about the series finale you can’t deny that the FRIENDS series ended the show with enough closure to make you feel the show ended where you felt like every character was headed to their deserved ending. You knew each of the characters were headed to happy places, although the finale might of cut Joey short, he was left with two chicks and a broken foosball table you still felt like the series finale gave you enough closure to know they were going to be FRIENDS for a lifetime.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (from first to last episode): 10/10

An important thing to a show is how much character development each of the main characters we meet develop throughout the whole show. Rachel grew up from being the spoiled daddy’s girl to a successful person, Chandler grew out from his commitment issues to being a husband and father and etc. All six characters from the pilot to the series finale grew up and you knew they were heading to their own happy ending.


When you start realizing the endgames to the series you can’t help but smile as you knew each character got the endgame and ending they deserved. Ross and Rachel finally got back together after 10 seasons going back and forth and arguing if they were on a break or not. Knowing Rachel Green got off the plane, you could’t help but cheer and smile at the end. One of the most deserved ending in the series finale of the show was Monica and Chandler and although the two were destined to be endgame since a night in Paris, their endgame of finally getting the family they’ve been trying to achieve is beautiful. Although, Phoebe and Joey were kind of cut short in the finale, Mike telling Phoebe he wanted kids with her only made you heart cheer; because after Phoebe helped her brother get his triplets it’s only deserving that Phoebe would eventually get kids of her own. Or in Phoebe’s own words become a version of the family in The Sound of Music. Although, Joey was cut short in the finale two chicks and a ruined foosball table only to star in a spin-off show you either never seen, regretted or actually love I guess Joey was left with the open-ending endgame you can make up yourself and that’s totally fine. Whether you think he finally made it big or not or finally settled down, you knew that Joey was always going to pay a visit to his best friend Chandler.


As I said before in #SeriesFinale Chronicles #00, the final scene and shot of the FRIENDS is one of the most heart-warming and closure filled scenes that left with you so many emotions that made you feel that this show was worth the ride. From the Thanksgiving episodes, millions of quotes, laughs and tears this show was worth it and you don’t regret any minute or episode of it. The final scene of FRIENDS  hit you when you realize that this was it, when all six friends were standing in a empty apartment they called their home you knew that you were never going to see these characters ever again.  When Chandler started telling his daughter/son to say goodbye to their first home by saying, “it was a happy place filled with love and laughter…” only to end with a joke about the rent the show was coming to an end. The last scene would be filled with tears and laughter from all friends realizing this was their home and there was never going to be anything like it. As each friend turned in their keys only to get their final cup of coffee at their regular spot, the camera panning to them walking away. The final shot is tear-jerking as an empty apartment is seen with six different keys left by six different friends who will always be there for each other.


It’s simple after the series finale and knowing the show gives you good enough closure where you don’t dread the ending, Friends to this day is still one of the most re-watchable shows no matter what episode you tune into. Knowing a show concluded with a satisfactory and closure filled ending gives Friends a 10 in the re-watch factor, because you can’t regret ever starting the series.

SCORE: 80/80 

With A Score of 80 the Friends finale get’s the famous MAGIC 8 BALL FACTOR.

I might of been way easy on the Friends finale because I could see some flaws, but for every show you have that one show series finale you hope will meet a series finale you’ve watched.

SO WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE FRIENDS Series Finale, how would you rank it on a scale or on a grading scale? Which Series Finale is/was your favorite? And what show currently ending or ending sometime in the future to, do you think should get the MAGIC 8 BALL FACTOR.





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