#SeriesFinale Chronicles 00: “Ranking a Series Finale.”

“And CUT……that’s a wrap.”


With The Vampire Diaries ending in two weeks officially with it’s series finale, it’s only safe to start off these chronicles with one of the best series finale’s in television history. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. finale titled “The Last One Part 1 or 2”.

But before I break down the FRIENDS series finale and countdown to The Vampire Diaries and many other series finale’s, I have to first mention how I’m going to rank each series finale as we countdown to the final episodes of these show’s we are about to say goodbye to.

The first scale is simple how would you rank a series finale on a scale of 1 to 10. One can individually rank the FRIENDS finale as a 10, the Dawson’s Creek as a 9, and the Charmed or Smallville finale as an 8 and etc. But series finale’s  can’t be simply ranked on a 1 to 10 scale especially when one asks you, “WHY?”or when you feel like you want to write about them.

Like for example to this day some people argue or like to debate if the Lost series finale was  good,bad or somewhere in between like where the character’s were on the show.

In my personal opinion, I easily digest a series finale on a 80/80 scale, if a show gets a 80 they get the MAGIC 8 BALL factor. If they don’t, I guess they just get a red letter grade like when you turn in your paper into turnitin.com and see the grade on blackboard.



The emotional impact of a series finale all comes from how emotionally connected when the show ends and how the final scenes of the shows made you feel, whether you cried or laughed. Emotional impact is very important, to this day I still remember Dawson’s Creek finale and every moment that made me cry,laugh and cheer the moment the episode started. But the emotional impact factor is how you feel when you go into a series finale, knowing you’re never going to see these characters ever again. No more new episodes, storylines, speculation, or rooting for that one romantic ship everyone like’s to have on a show. There’s also the part where there’s never going nights/days making up speculation or making up theories after every promo and season finale, wondering what’s going to happen next, because once that final scene airs it’s done. So emotional impact depends how connected you were to the show from it’s characters and it’s storyline’s and how going into the series finale makes you feel and if you are truly ready to say goodbye to all these characters and storylines.


Storyline/Writing and the finale formula were going to be two complete different categories, but I just decided to combine them. The storyline/writing and finale formula is simple, was the finale good or bad. Was the storyline and writing true to the formula of the series. Did the series finale flow or was it rushed and did it make you say, “that was an amazing finale” or something else. But not all shows are graced with a two-hour finale some just get one hour or even 30 minutes, but within those moments given did you think the writing for the series finale was good and did everything leading to the series finale lead up to the final scenes of the show?

CLOSURE: 10/10

The closure factor is simple, did the series finale end where you felt the show should  of truly deserved to close off too. Did the series finale of the show leave you feeling that it ended where the show deserved to end and you felt like everything was resolved and each character got their deserved ending or moment. With every series finale we can all hope we can get that series finale where we felt closure and will be forever okay with that ending after spending all that time watch the show.

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (from first to last episode): 10/10

One of the most important things to any show ending is how much character development each of the main characters made from the pilot to the series finale, did they change for the better, worst or not at all. Did they grow as the series aired and became the character they were suppose to be by the end of the series. For example Smallville spend 10 seasons developing the moment Clark Kent becomes Superman and after  numerous teen angst storylines, battles and storyline’s Clark finally became that character he was building up to be when the show ended and all the characters around him.


The Endgame factor is simple did the series end where all the characters and all the relationships end up where they suppose to or characters get the ending they deserved or always wanted. For example, I still smile at the fact that Pacey and Joey finally got their happy ending  on Dawson’s Creek or that Monica and Chandler on FRIENDS already endgame since the moment they finally hooked up in Paris finally got one of the relationships/endings they always wanted a family. Although, endgames don’t consist of just relationships they consist of did the character get the ending they deserved after suffering whatever amount of seasons, episodes and storylines the writers/producers threw at them.


The final scene is basically was the final scene was it good or bad, did it leave you crying and clapping after the scene faded into black. Was the Finale scene, something that gave you enough closure and emotional impact to finally accept that it’s about time to say goodbye. For example the  FRIENDS is one of the best and most heart-warming scenes in the history of series finale’s when Chandler started telling baby Erica to say goodbye to their first home, once he said “it was a happy place filled with love and laughter,” it started to hit you that these final moments were almost up. The last scene was filled with tears and laughter from the moment the all six friends turning all their keys to ending their final moments to get one final cup of coffee. The final scene was most heartwarming, but overall it was true to the series and how all the FRIENDS would end the series.Or like with Charmed the final scene consisted of an old Piper and Leo going up the stairs as the camera pans to pictures of all the characters we all know and the manor being filled with numerous Halliwell descendants only for one to close the door in the traditional Charmed way that echo’s past season finale’s and episodes.


The Re-Watch factor is simple, can you watch the show after the series finale without regretting know how the series finale ends after x amount of seasons/episodes. It’s simple, for example FRIENDS is one of the most re-watchable shows on any platform, and knowing that the series finale after 10 seasons worth of episodes, it concluded with a satisfactory and true ending only gives it that full re-watch factor because you are happy or at least okay with how the show ends and not regret ever starting the series.


While it might be a long way to digest a series finale, it’s a good or way to see how much show impacted you and how the series finale made you feel after spending all those hours watching those episodes.

So what was your favorite series finale?Which one’s are your favorite’s? How would you rank it on a grading scale? And Last not but least which show ending this year or in the future are you hoping will rank a 10 at least close?  I guess only time will tell?


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